UX – User Experience

The concept of User Experience was first introduced in the mid-90s by Donald Norman. The whole idea is based on the fact that once a website is comfortable and pleasant for a user to browse and navigate, he will come back.

The whole User Experience concept consists of several factors that work simultaneously creating an overall impression from a website.

• Accessibility – the way you provide the information to a user and how easy it is to find certain data among all the content of the website
Orientation – how easy it is to navigate through the website. This feature considers the structure of the menu, website map, buttons, and links, etc.
• Aesthetics – the overall visual impression from browsing the website. Here we consider such features as color patterns, visional content such as images, logos, and widgets; size and placement of functional elements such as menu and buttons.
• Value of the information – here we analyze how valuable the content is for targeted users and fulfills their needs. It is important to point here that before creating the content and analyzing its value and efficiency, you should have a clear and comprehensive understanding of who your potential customer or follower is, what are his needs and pains and how they may be fulfilled by the content of your website in a manner that will inspire trust and engage your interrelations.

Here at my company Sivan Paniz, we pay particular attention to the User Experience feature of every project. Whether you are launching a promotional website, a portfolio catalog o,r an online store, the whole success of your project depends on the value and efficiency of your online presence. When your website is pleasant and comfortable to browse, easy to navigate your potential customers will naturally get engaged and recommend you to their auditorium. You are welcome to visit our portfolio gallery and see the projects developed by Sivan Paniz that already work successfully, bringing their owner’s numerous customers every day.

It is also very important to remember that all promotional strategies and traffic targeting will be wasted if your website fails to provide relevant and valuable information. Comprehensive and relevant content represented in an eye-catching and understandable manner is the key to a successful online presence that will be efficient and easy to monetize. Here at Sivan paniz, we aim at a comprehensive partnership with our customers, helping them to build and maintain various types of websites that attract and engage the target auditorium. While you work hard establishing and developing your business we take care of your online presence – one of the most important features of any marketing strategy.

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