CMS. Content Management System Provides Endless Opportunities

While our world becomes more digital every day, quality websites, online stores, or e-commerce platforms become crucial for a successful business. Nevertheless, building a website and filling it with conversable content might still seem quite confusing. For decades this mission was simply impossible without a coding background. But modern problems require a modern solution. The market simply had to come up with a user-friendly solution that would allow building and developing an online presence. Content Management System (CMS) is exactly that solution. Generally, it is a software that provides you with adjustable templates that you may use to build and manage the content of your website. As a result, CMS gives you more freedom to create and customize your own online space and evaluates the game of digital marketing strategies.

Costs. CMS allows you to build a website from customizable templates. There might be a possible downside of this method as your website may not look as unique in the end as you would wish to. But even if you will still require some coding-help, it will coast you much less than coding the whole website from scratch.
• User Diversity. CMS allows you to build large membership websites with multiple features and create separate administrative accounts to manage them. For example, you can create an online shop and manage the sales, while somebody can simultaneously moderate the blog or deal with customers’ feedback.
• Dynamics. Some websites need to be updated daily. If you are planning to add or delete products, add news or blog posts regularly, CMS would be the best solution for you.
• Flexibility. Coding is a quite complicated and interconnected process. For example, if you decide to change the picture on the main page or add a sales banner, this might turn into quite a procedure. CMS allows you to do adjustment to any page with no dramatic effect on the rest of the content.
• Preview. Before launching your new website, you would want to make sure that it looks perfect. CMS allows you to have a preview of your website in just one click with no headache of copy-pasting and saving that coding requires.


WordPress powers about 30% of all websites on the Internet. This makes it the most popular CMS in the world. From private bloggers to global corporations WordPress might be the first and only CMS that comes across your mind when you are thinking about building a website. There are several solid reasons for that.
It is free. Yes, this might be the main reason why WordPress is such an attractive option. Quality online presence might be very expensive and WordPress allows you to spread your word with minimal or even no cost at all.
• SEO. It is the key to digital success. Hardly anybody goes past the 2nd page in their Google searches, that is why SEO-friendly WordPress instantly became so popular and still holds its positions
 Free Plugins. If you want to evaluate your website take it to a whole new level, WordPress allows you multiple plugins that will make your work more comfortable and productive. An interactive image, SEO, spam filters – the possibilities are almost endless. And most of those threats are also free.
 It is Customizable. The endless possibilities to customize templates that WordPress offers allow you to build a unique website with no need for the coding background. That is the reason why WordPress powers so many websites nowadays, and at least 15% of them are considered to be the top websites of the world.
• User-friendly. Except the fact that WordPress is free, its user-friendly interface might be the most common reason why it is the most popular CMS platform nowadays. The dark times when you could not build a website without coding background are finally over. Nowadays everybody can download and start using WordPress right away. At the same time, if you do have experience with HTML, WordPress offers you simply endless possibilities.

While during the past several years we have witnessed how business and social life were moving online, it became quite obvious that Network will have to come up with a solution that will popularize online presence and make it available for everyone. CMS in general became a perfect solution that allowed evaluating our online game and opened new possibilities of international communication and collaboration.

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