5 Ways to Adjust Your Web Strategy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

#1 Upgrade Your Website’s e-commerce possibilities.
Malls and Commercial Centers are mostly closed, and customers are avoiding crowds. Now is the time to upgrade to an e-commerce shop.

#2 Social Media presence.
While being locked at home, people spend most of their free time surfing Social Media. A quality SM profile is not just a way to keep in touch with your clients but also a possibility to attract new ones and stream traffic to your website.

#3 E-mail newsletters and messages.
Don’t lose touch with your customers during this pandemic. Use e-mail newsletters, WhatsApp group messages, and all other possible means to remain in the scene. Let your customers know that the business continues to operate. You may also announce Post-Covid 19 policy changes. 

#4 Collaboration and development.

This is the time to collaborate and look for new sale streams. Try to find common ground with other businesses in your region and develop creative and mutually beneficial projects. Attracting influencers and opinion leaders may also be a good way to draw attention. 

#4 Online webinars.
Info business and online studies face their golden hour during the lockdown. Even if your company has nothing to do with education, it is always a terrific idea to run free webinars from time to time in order to demonstrate the relevancy of your product(s) and their solutions for some or most daily issues.


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